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ETHOS Reserve is in BETA. As an early user, you will have exclusive access to new features. See an issue? Please let us know.
Dune Analytics
View Ethos Reserve and $ERN analytics in our custom Dune Dashboard. Understand $ERN value by chain, collateral ratios, minting and supply, distributions, yield rates, and much more.
Interest-free loans.
Personal sovereignty.

Extremely Resilient Naturally

Ethos Reserve lets you lend without limits. Enjoy zero-interest loans, best-in-class efficiency and easy access to a whole ecosystem of opportunity from one application.

Ethos Reserve Dashboard
ERN Stable Asset Token
The ERN Token

A reactionary, over-collateralized stablecoin that rewards users.

Collateralized by as low as 120% Bitcoin and 108% Ethereum. Investors can leverage ERN across DeFi ecosystems.

ERN stakers are rewarded via liquidations and Reaper’s automated external yield strategies.
Why Ethos Reserve

Hedge, leverage, or exit DeFi positions more efficiently than ever.

Track and manage the health of your positions with responsive Recovery Mode and Collateral Ratio alerts.

Perfect for longer-term timelines, Ethos’ 0.5% deposit and redemption fees are an industry leading rate.
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Ethos Reserve Managed CDP Vault Outline
Ethos Reserved Managed CDP Vault Functionality
About CDP Vaults

Ethos earns rewards on assets and routes yield back to depositors.

ERN stakers are rewarded via liquidations and Reaper’s automated external yield strategies.
DeFi protocols that meet Ethos’ safety and performance standards will be leveraged for additional yield.
Compound ROI

Stake bOATH to receive fees that grow with Ethos' TVL.

bOATH Asset Token

What is bOATH?

Bonded OATH (bOATH) is 20% ETH and 80% OATH, backed by a Balancer-powered 80/20 liquidity pool. bOATH earns platform fees and benefits from trading fees generated by Ethos’ incentive buyback and distribution strategies.

A $bOATH position staked on Ethos will earn yield from ERN loan issuance fees, and redemption rewards.

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Build Your Portfolio

How to Get Started with Ethos Reserve Dashboard

Minting your first ERN is easy! This step-by-step guide will take you from zero to hero in 15 minutes or less.

Ethos Reserve Ethereum Borrowing Position
Token Design

Understanding how ERN Remains Stable — and Flexible

ERN's revolutionary mechanisms keep it stable under extreme price volatility, giving your portfolio an adaptable, but steady, foundation.

Ethos Reserve $ERN Stable Asset
Heavily Audited

See how Ethos Reserve puts Security First

More than 150 blockchain security specialists have audited our code, helping us ensure user safety.

Ethos Reserve Security Audits

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