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Expanding ERN: A Multi-Chain Future

Ethos Reserve has been in production for over a month now, and the team is extremely satisfied with the system’s performance. Every feature has been working according to specification, with liquidations, internal accounting, and asset management all proceeding flawlessly.

Throughout this month, the Ethos Reserve engineering team has built out monitoring infrastructure, automated emergency response procedures, and fine-tuned risk frameworks and processes. In tandem, the marketing team has been establishing strategy, narrative, and assessing the feasibility of the roadmap.

While this work has been relatively unexciting for ecosystem participants, it will allow us to push through our roadmap more aggressively. We’d like to thank the 154 auditors that worked on making the ERN launch safe and successful, and start to highlight the path forward for the protocol and long term roadmap.

Bringing ERN to the Masses

In order to accelerate the growth of ERN and the Ethos Reserve protocol, Ethos is partnering with Multichain in order to enable bridging of ERN across 5 different networks. Ethos will also be partnering with selected exchanges on each of these networks — more details to be announced on the Ethos Reserve Twitter throughout the next few months.

What should you expect?
As the ecosystem team takes ERN deeper into the market, users can expect the following:

  • 5% Weekly increases in Ethos Reserve’s managed assets
  • 1–2 new incentive partners per week
  • Exciting new partnerships, educational resources, and events
  • Launch of the ERN multi-strategy vault on Optimism
  • Launch of on Optimism
  • Launch of new asset management strategies

Consolidating on Layer-2

With the recent spike in gas prices, it’s becoming clear that the Layer-2 thesis is stronger than ever. With proto-danksharding becoming an imminent short-term upgrade path for Ethereum, gas prices on L2s will fall by an order of magnitude. In the coming years, ETH will begin its transition to a data availability & validation layer for the broader crypto ecosystem built on top.

Additionally, the impending Bedrock upgrade on Optimism and continued success of Arbitrum re-affirms our belief that L2 Ethereum will be the place to strive for institutional adoption of ERN. The OATH team will continue to export ERN and consolidate liquidity and Governance efforts on L2 networks.


The path forward for ERN is a challenging one, but the team is determined to carry the protocol to the next level and beyond. We would like to thank every Oath governor and ERN minter for their patience and support throughout this de-risking process and are excited to experience the coming stages of growth with you all.

Interested in Collaboration?
If you’re a project manager or capital allocator interested in Ethos Reserve, OATH, or building on Optimism, please reach out to to schedule a meeting. Or, join our Discord.
Ethos Reserve
Ethos Reserve
Ethos Reserve, through its next-gen stable asset $ERN and innovative CDP technologies, allow DeFi investors to earn higher yield on deposits in more risk-controlled environments. Visit the Ethos Dashboard to get started.

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